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G.I.D. Mobile Courier Service

Announcing G.I.D. Event Security’s Exclusive Courier Service - G.I.D. Mobile

From the time the sealed packages depart from their storage until they sit comfortably in good form in the hand of their recipients, G.I.D Mobile Courier Service works to protect shipments, minimise risk and ensure on-time delivery. We are intra-territorial courier of choice among luxury retail operations in Hong Kong thanks to our ability to provide instant and reliable service whenever and wherever needed. Backed by our unparalleled expertise in logistic planning, a modern fleet of vehicles and our commitment to the best in point to point delivery, G.I.D Mobile Courier Service is responsive, speedy and value for money. We monitor jobs from booking all the way to delivery, ensuring your all-important documents, parcels and bulk goods arrive on time and in utmost security care performed by well-trained professionals. When you choose G.I.D, you get more than just a courier; you get a representative who understands that when we deliver on your behalf, we are the ‘face’ of your business. G.I.D Mobile Courier Service guarantees you:

  • - Safe point to point delivery in and around Hong Kong
  • - Instant and responsive customer services for ad hoc/daily bookings
  • - Cut in transportation time and cost

  • Daily Courier Service

    Many of our clients have a large quantity of internal mail and ad hoc stock that needs to be transferred between their branches, offices and outlets throughout the city and across the territory.

    Using G.I.D. Mobile, this secure service can be arranged on a single daily basis, or at a set number of times throughout the working day to suit your business requirements. Early morning, midday and late afternoon pickups, for example.

    The added advantage of using our staff and services over public transport is that your individual staff are able to continue their normal duties without having to spend large amounts of their valuable working time travelling around Hong Kong.

  • Fashion Shows, Photo-shoots, Showcases and Television Commercials

    In this increasingly competitive market, it is important to be able to safely and securely transport your new and existing lines off-site for Photo-shoots, Television Commercial Shoots and of course when preparing for your Fashion Shows and Product Showcases.

    Using our exclusive courier services instead of Public Transport, or Taxis, you can ensure that your protected lines are delivered to the location for your event in a clean, secure and timely fashion.

    Our integrated service also gives you the added advantage of having our professional security personnel travel with your staff and products, remaining on-site until they are safely returned to your care.

  • Airport Services and VIP Close Protection

    Working out the logistics of an Airport Pickup or Dropoff can be quite a challenge, especially when your VIPs need a security team to provide VIP Close Protection in addition to arranging transport around Hong Kong.

    When utilizing G.I.D. Mobile courier services, this problem can be greatly reduced.

    The configuration of our vehicles allows for the VIPs’ entire luggage to be safely transported, leaving plenty of seating for their accompanying staff and the VIP Close Protection Team.

    The same modern, comfortable and clean vehicles may also be used for providing discreet support vehicles for all staff during your VIPs’ stay in Hong Kong.

  • Rope and Pole (Stanchion) Rental

    As part of our existing range of services, the supply of our Rope and Pole (Stanchion) sets is now far more simplified.

    In the past we have traditionally relied on third party van drivers to deliver and pickup the rope and pole sets for your events. In using the All-In-One G.I.D. Mobile courier service, we now deliver all of our equipment directly to your event site without the complications and expense of relying on third-party van delivery companies.